Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apollo DVD Copy review:Dont use it,it will stuff up your video playback!

Now if you ever want to put a DVD onto your pc there are many ways of doing so, unfortunately for me I choose the incorrect way. I used Apollo DVD Copy to back up my DVDs to my pc,this was a BAD BAD move.

Installation was perfect in fact even the DVD to AVI worked perfectly but it stuffed up my windows media play back.

My windows media player 11 now has no sound when playing video files. I have installed Apollo and still no luck. I then uninstalled Windows media player 11 and reinstalled windows media player 9.I then found out what was wrong, Apollo DVD copy makes your DVD play at double the speed so that it copies faster, this made windows media player think it also had to run double the speed which makes the sound not work. Now on windows media player 9 it plays sound but at double the speed.

To try fix this problem I have done the following:
1. As mentioned above I deleted the crap program Apollo DVD Copy.
2. I installed windows media 11.
3. I installed windows media 9.
3. I installed k-lite codec pack.
4. I downloaded and reinstalled windows 11.

If you play a MP3 file it works fine but as soon as you play a video its a stuff up.

Don't use Apollo DVD Copy, it’s the biggest piece of rubbish on the internet!

I will tell you if I EVER GET THIS FIXED! But I highly doubt it will.

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