Sunday, February 7, 2010

Google's Super Bowl advert is quite cute!

I saw Google's Super bowl Advert on you tube today and it made me feel quite tearful to be completely honest!I am a HUGE Google fan,infact at collage my nick name is Google because......Well I really don't know why the call me google but I don't mind it.

Hopefully I will find the lady of dreams soon and will be able to use Google to get her,or I might just find her on google it's self....Not likely!

Why SGS is no longer a viable server option!

I have been a SGS fan ever since I started gaming online.If I was playing on a GameZone(Mweb) server I would rant at the bad latencies(and anything else I could find wrong)and if I was on a SGS server I would Rave about the low pings(and anything else I could think of which included maps and everything else which made SGS stand out) I would happily call myself a SGS fan boy.In March 2007 I become a gaming admin for SGS and everything was going so well,all our emails and requests were answered on time by a wonderful woman called Amber who worked under Elyzium and handled some of the games including the one I was administering for(Half life 2:Death Match).This lasted a year when in march 2008 I was transferred from the game HL2DM to the new Team fortress 2.

After moving from HL2DM I was getting reports from HL2DM admins that emails were no longer being answered and issues on the server where not being handled properly which was very odd,It was then found(possible speculation) that Amber had left SGS and the only person handling requests was Elyzium who was spending time on the "More important games". Slowly but surly less and less things were being done at SGS which lead to more problems and what I believe was a overload of requests that could not be fulfilled,because of this some say that this was the reason why all the SGS admins were dismissed of their duties as of Christmas day 2009.

This however is not the reason I think SGS is no longer a viable option for us gamers! SGS is slowly losing gaming ground wile other ISP's like IS,Iburst,vodacom and more recently Web Africa(WAGE) are entering the market and pulling a lot of gamers away from SGS,The most compelling being IS(Internet solutions).I believe the reason for this is because of SGS's lack of replying to both admins and gamers emails and requests as well as their(dare I say it)old fashioned Rules of engagement which a lot of gamers do not agree with although I think is fine.

This however is also not the reason why I think SGS should be Left 4 dead but rather the recently announced
WAGE gaming which stands for Web Africa GamEs.Web Africa has a compelling service for gamers called FreeZone. If you have not heard of it already freezone is service from web Africa which allows you to do certain things online and not lose any bandwidth wile doing so and one of the freezone services is online gaming! If you using Web Africa as your ISP and you play on any WAGE Server no bandwidth will be deducted from your account.

Now I know what most of you are thinking"there is no ways I will be changing my ISP just so that I can play games online for free"which is just what I thought when I heard about it but you don't have to! Web Africa sells Prepaid accounts which include free zone,this means you can buy a 1GB prepaid account from Web Africa and only use that for gaming and if you only play on WAGE servers you will never have to pay to game online again!

Web Africa are also adding free downloads from their Steam content Server! This means that you can buy games on steam and download them off their content server and not have to pay for a single MB of bandwidth and a lot more services are expected to become available with freezone.

And that is the reason I am no longer a SGS fan and slowly moving over to WAGE. I will be buying a Web Africa account and start making WAGE my primary gaming servers of choice followed by SGS.