Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Secure online file hosting for free-Box.net

Have you ever needed a file that is on your pc at home when at the office or at a coffee shop with your laptop? Everybody needs some where to upload important files and content to the internet to get latter from anywhere in the world.

We here at on-his-mind have found a secure site that allows you up to 1GB of free data to be stored on their site. A site called box.net simplifies online file storage which ultimately replaces old FTP file systems and allows you to back up important data.

If you need more data for backups you can pay for an added service which allows you to upload much bigger files as well as much more space on faster servers.

Box.net is the ultimate site for backing up important data. It is simple to use and any one can get an account for free. With box.net you can also share your files and collaborate your files with other people you allow to access your data.

For more information on box.net go to www.box.net/


  1. If you are interested in the other ways to share files you may want to check out CloudBerry Explorer freeware to backup/copy files to Amazon S3.With FTP like client it makes managing files in S3 EASY http://cloudberrylab.com/ It supports most of the Amazon S3 and CloudFront features

  2. Thanks Andy!

    We here at on-his-mind will check it out and do a article on it.

    Thanks again.