Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook march 2009 layout update!

Last week or so facebook released their new facebook profile page layout to the world. The new design give users the ability to easily feed the news stream by friend type and network, and gives users a much easier way to post links, photos and videos. The news feed will also begin updating in real time without page refreshes.

This in my eyes is a break through!Facebook have managed to do what I think is brilliant.facebook has successfully made it more like twitter while still having everything else you have always had on facebook.But unfortunately not everyone is happy with the new setup that I love so much.

Some people don’t appreciate this new setup and are setting up groups to try take it down and change it back to the old style, I think that’s rubbish! Give them 1 month and they will learn how to use this new layout and then they will see how much better it really is! I think this is an innovation that was needed to keep facebook on top of their game! Facebook have done well up to now, and all these things are tested and improved way before the public even hear about it!

The new facebook is here to stay and if you don’t like it, then you going to have to live with it! Facebook have done a good job on this update and we should all appreciate it.

For more information on this update please go to the following sites

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