Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to accept a friend request on Facebook lite.

On facebook people will often request to be your friend.It is recommended to only accept friend requests from people you know and trust.

This is how to accept a friend request on facebook Lite:
1.Login to Facebook lite at lite.facebook.com
2.On your home page you will see a message that says"You have 1 friend request." just under the post photo Button.

3.Click on the blue writing titled"friend request."A new page will appear showing you who has requested to be your friend.

4.On the right hand side you will see two buttons namely "Confirm Friend" or "ignore".If you don't want to be friends with this person click Ignore,if you want to become friends on facebook then click"Confirm Friend"

You have successfully accepted a friend request.

How to find and add person on facebook lite.

Facebook is used for one thing and one thing only and that thing is keeping in touch with friends and family.To do this you have to be "friends" with your friends and family who you want to keep in touch with.You can only see what people are saying on facebook if you are friends with them!

To find and invite friends on facebook lite do the following:
1.Login to Facebook lite at lite.facebook.com

2.once logged in,enter ether the persons name you are looking for or their email address into the search box on the top right hand side of the facebook lite site then click search.

3.If you entered the correct details and the person you are looking is on Facebook this person should appear.Most of the time there is more than one person with the same name so you may get a few people showing up.If this is the case look at their pictures until you see the person you are looking for or you can look at their network which is under their name. If the network is ether the school,university or country they live in it is most probable them.

4.When you find the person you are looking for click on their picture or name.The facebook profile of the person you are trying to add will appear,on their profile click "add friend" which is on the right hand side of their profile.

5.The "add friend" button will change and say"Pending request"The person you added must now accepted your friend request,once this is done you will receive a notification on facebook informing you.

You have successfully found and invited a person to become your friend on facebook lite.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What a status update is and how to update your status on Facebook Lite.

A Status update is a short message that you type on facebook that all your facebook Friends will see on their home page of the site.You can write anything you want in your status but it is recommended you keep it interesting and informative.Generally people use the status update feature on facebook to tell their friends and family how they feeling or what they doing.The status update is one of the best ways of keeping your friends up to date with what you are doing or how you are feeling.

It is recommended to keep your status updates as short as possible!

To update your status on Facebook lite do the following:

1.Login to facebook lite at lite.facebook.com/

2.Once you logged in your facebook home page will appear.On your home page click on the "write" button situated under the facebook heading.

3.A white box will appear,in this box write your status update you want all your friends to see.Once you have typed your status press enter or click on the "write" button to submit your status.

4.Once you have submitted your status update by clicking "write"or pressing enter your status will appear on both yours and all your friends home page with all the other people who recently updated their status.

you have successfully updated your status on Facebook lite.

How to login to Facebook Lite.

Today I am going to show you how to login to Facebook lite.For those of you that don't know,Facebook lite is a cleaner version of facebook.com.In my opinion I believe Facebook lite is a much better site than Facebook.

To login to Facebook lite do the following:

1.Go to facebook lite at http://lite.facebook.com/

A screen that looks something like this should appear.

2.In the box that says Email Address enter your email address,under that enter your password into the password box.Once you have entered both your email address and password click the login button.

3.If you have entered the correct login details you will have successfully logged into facebook lite.

And that's how you log into Facebook lite! If you have any Questions please don't hesitate to Post a question in the comment section on this page.