Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to download almost anything off the internet for with File hosting sites.

There are many ways on the internet to get something you want that may be old so you can’t because it’s no longer sold or for any other reason. In this guide I am going to show you how to find and download almost anything you looking for weather its eBooks ,music ,movies ,series, applications or anything else.

There are sites on the internet that host users data for safe keeping but these sites are often abused and a lot of data like music or applications are uploaded to them by users for others to download. There are lots of Sites that allow you to upload information but there are two main ones namely rapidshare and megaupload. Rapidshare is the world's largest file-hosting site with millions of files stored on its servers and is currently on the top 20 most used sites in the world, the problem is not a lot of people know how to use it. In this guide you will know exactly how to find the content you looking for and how to download it to your pc.

1. The first thing you have to do is find what you looking for! I have spent many hours searching the web looking for the best search engine that searches the internet for file-hosting websites. The best site is called share miner and can be found at http://www.shareminer.com/ . Go to shareminer.com

2. On share miner at the top of the screen there will be a search box similar to the one seen on search engines like Google and yahoo. In the search box type in the content you are looking for. I am looking for a YouTube video downloader so I can download youtube videos to my pc so I typed in “Youtube video downloader”. If you know the exact name of the file you want to download then enter the exact name like and you will find the exact file you are looking for if it is available. Click the search button to process your request for it to find your file.

You will notice that you can specify what kind of content you are looking for, so if you are looking for a game you click game and then it will only search through the game sections. This is not necessary but if you want to make the search much smaller then it is useful.

3. You will notice that the site will list a whole lot of links just like a normal search engine does. These links send you to other sites that have information on that you need to be able to download of sites like rapidshare. This information includes URLs to where to download it and sometimes even passwords to unlock the downloaded file. When you think you found what you are looking for click on the site and you will go directly to your selection.

4.once on a different site you need to look and see if the content you click on was actually what you were looking for, if it is you are in luck if not you will have to go back and search again. Read the whole page and at the bottom of the information on the thing you want to download you should see a download link to rapidshare that should look something like this http://rapidshare.com/files/136713080/YouTube_Downloader_1.3.rar when you find that link you need to clock on it and go to that site, this site will be a file hosting site which will most commonly be rapidshare or megaupload.

5. On the file-hosting site they will ask you ether you are a free or a premium member, you must click on free unless you have a paid for account. Because you are free you often have to wait a certain amount of time, its 45 seconds on rapishare.You must patiently wait for the timer to get to 0 and then a button will appear saying download. Click the download button or link and you will now be able to download the file.

6. you will often need to unzip the file as it would have been compressed with a compression tool like WinZip or winrar.For information on how to do this please go and search the web.

You have now successfully downloaded a file using a file-hosting site for free.


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