Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basic infomation on sound cards

Your sound card does two important things. The first thing it does is take digital information from your computer and turns it into sound and then outputting it through ether speakers, headphones are any other audio devise. The second thing it does is turn input sound (eg:microphone)and turns it from audio to digital data.

To be able to play and record sound you need to have both a microphone and speakers connected to a sound card which is on your computer. You connect speakers and other audio peripherals to your sound card by jacks called miniature audio jacks. On average you have at least 2 audio jacks namely audio in(microphone) and audio out(speakers)

These days most computers have built in audio devises(fitted to the motherboard) that offer surround sound as well as other newer technology such as S/PDIF(sony/Philips digital interface format which only needs 1 cable to be plugged into your pc to have surround sound.

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