Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Basic information on the Central processing unit (CPU)

Many people compare the CPU(central processing unit) to the human brain, although this is slightly true it is a huge overstatement for the CPU. The CPU is more like a very powerful calculator that can calculate billions of calculations every second and because it does this so fast it does in fact look very intelligent. Everything you do on your computer is processed by the CPU.The faster the CPU is the faster it can process calculations! In other words every CPU does the same thing, but it is better to have a faster CPU so it can process tasks that need to be processed faster, well faster! If you use your PC for word processing, internet, email and other basic tasks you don’t need such a powerful CPU but if you are going to use your PC for gaming or graphics design you going to have a fast CPU to processes calculations on the fly.

The CPU fits into a CPU socket on your motherboard! Without the CPU your PC won’t be able to do anything. In my opinion CPUs and motherboards are the most important system component today. For more information on Central processing units please visit:

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