Sunday, March 29, 2009 to any music aswell as radio online for free. is a music website based in the United Kingdom. is an internet radio station and music community site. The web site has over 30 million active users from over 200 countries making it the world’s largest social music platforms around today. On 30 May 2007, CBS Interactive acquired for $280m USD. uses an advanced program called audioscrobbler, this program builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to. It does this by checking what music you are listening to on or by taking music from your audio devise and then identifying what music you listen to. Audioscrobbler then takes all the information it has of you and automatically finds out what you might like and then creates a music profile for you.

After you have registered users can create a custom Radio station with all their favorite music and share it with the world.

If you want to listen to music off the internet this site is for you! You can find new bands that are similar to bands you like and then say if you like them or not. If you looking for a new band or want to listen to the latest album will be able to find it and have it.

Because of the advanced features on and the easy to use service this site has made it into the on-his-mind best sites online list!

For more information on please go to
To go to the web site please go here

Microsoft office live-Microsoft's Web-based office software

A few days ago we featured a site called Google docs which is an online based office tool. Because of goggles success in their web based tool Microsoft followed suit creating a similar service for their Live members called office live.

Office live is almost a replica of Google docs. Office live allows live members to store and share Microsoft office documents on the internet. This is very handy for backing up important data or if you want to accesses it on another computer through the internet. The sharing feature allows you to share a document with other users, you do this by selecting the user yourself. This means that you choose who sees your files and who doesn’t.

Office live consists of two services namely Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Business In this article we are going to describe to you exactly what the difference between the two services are, we do this so you can decided which one will fit your needs.

We are first going to start with Office live workspace. As mentioned above office live workspace’s main feature is that it allows users to store and share documents online anywhere in the world for free. You can access your office live workspace vie the internet ether using their website or directly from Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint by installing an Office Live Update extension .Although you can view documents online you cannot change or edit them on the site, instead you have to download the document onto your pc and then edit it in the correct office client for example word or excel. With office live workspace you get up to 5 Gigabits of storage, this means you don’t have to carry a flash stick or CDs around with you but instead all you have to do is upload data to the site and then when it needs to be accessed elsewhere all you do is login to your Office live account and download them.

The biggest disadvantage to using office live workspace is the fact that you can’t edit the files online like other online web based office software like Google docs.

Office Live Workspace

Office Live Small Business
Microsoft Office Live Small Business is an Internet-based service that allows users to create a professional looking website without needing any knowledge of design or technical skills.

Office live small business has multiple features for people that are wanting to create and own a website. These features change often and price structure may be implemented at any time. For these reasons we do not go into it thoroughly.

You can access office live from the following link

In my opinion Google docs is much more better and powerful because you can do everything on the site itself and you don’t have to download extenuations for office and you can edit docs online from anywhere whether you have office installed or not.For these reasons office live ARE NOT on ow best sites online list.

If you would like to find out more about both Office live small business and office live workspace visit the wiki page at

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The 2rd best online FPS of all time-call of duty 4

Welcome to the 4th instalment on the top 5 online games of all time! In this article you will find out what game we think is the 2nd best online FPS of all time!

2. Call of duty 4

Call of duty 4:modern warfare also known as COD4 developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision for Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360 is an amazing online FPS! The game was first released in November 2007 and is the 4th Call of duty game.

It toke the COD4 developers 2 years to complete using a proprietary game engine. Call of Duty 4 features team-based and death match-based multiplayer modes on various maps. Each mode has an objective that requires unique strategies to complete. Players can change their guns as they unlock new ones and then upgrade their guns and mod them too exactly how they want them.

In call of duty 4 if you get a certain amount of deaths without dying you can do certain things like call in air strikes and much more.

If you are looking for an action packed game that is easy to get into and has a huge competitive gaming scene then COD4 is the Online FPS game for you.

For more information on owe 2nd best FPS online game of all time please go to

Stay with us while we count down to the Top online FPS game ever made and played!

Google Docs-Web-based office software that you cant live without.

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do without Google? Well I have, and the answer is nothing, without Google I would do nothing. I use almost every Google application I can get hold of and one of those is a nice little thing called Google docs.

Google Docs is an online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application Hosted by Google for free. Google Docs allows you to create documents and then edit them on the site. You can also upload Microsoft office documents onto Google docs and you will be able to edit them in Google docs as well as save them. You are then able to access them at any time elsewhere with an internet connection.

A Google doc also has a feature that allows you to collaborate your documents. This means that you can share your docs with your friends or co workers and all parties can edit the document at the same time.

You can access Google docs on your mobile phone and you can send documents vie email. You can also download the documents to your PC so you can open them in Apps like Microsoft office and open office. If I have important Documents that I want to backup I often upload them to Google docs and save them there.

The Google docs interface is almost exactly the same as office is but the fact that you can save data online and access it from both work and home is just awesome.

If you would like to find out more about Google docs go the wiki page on it at
Or if you would like to watch online tutorials on how to do things and more go to

Stick around wile we uncover more online office tools just like Google docs!

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Watch free shows,movies and more online with hulu

We all know about YouTube and how it’s a site where anyone can upload videos and anyone around the world can watch the videos other users have uploaded for free. The problem with youtube is that you can’t watch the latest episode of heroes or the family guy but with you can.

Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips on their site at . Founded in March 2007, Hulu is co-owned by NBC Universal, News Corp. and Providence Equity Partners. It is operated independently by a dedicated management team with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Beijing.

Hulu says that their mission is to provide a free service that allows users to watch videos anywhere in the world. Unfortunately though as mentioned above Hulu can only be used in the United States but soon hopefully this will change.

Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from more than 130 content providers, including FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can choose from more than 1000 current primetime TV hits such as The Simpsons, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Office the morning after they air, classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The A Team, Airwolf and Married...with Children, movies like Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and The Karate Kid, and clips from Saturday Night Live, Friends and other popular TV shows and movies.

Hulu videos are available on AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo! in the U.S. as well as a growing network of personal blogs, fan sites, and other Web sites where users choose to embed the Hulu video player.

If you are in the US this site should be on your check list for the next time you looking for that episode you missed, because you will simply be able to go on and watch it straight from your pc!

For more information on hulu or to just check it out go to

Unfortunately I have never been able to watch hulu videos due to me being in South Africa but I have heard from a number of people about how effective it is if you have a good enough internet connection speeds.

Secure online file hosting for

Have you ever needed a file that is on your pc at home when at the office or at a coffee shop with your laptop? Everybody needs some where to upload important files and content to the internet to get latter from anywhere in the world.

We here at on-his-mind have found a secure site that allows you up to 1GB of free data to be stored on their site. A site called simplifies online file storage which ultimately replaces old FTP file systems and allows you to back up important data.

If you need more data for backups you can pay for an added service which allows you to upload much bigger files as well as much more space on faster servers. is the ultimate site for backing up important data. It is simple to use and any one can get an account for free. With you can also share your files and collaborate your files with other people you allow to access your data.

For more information on go to

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expert village:learn how to do almost anything for free.

Have you ever wanted to build your own pc but don’t know how or to learn how to play guitar but don’t have money for guitar lessons? Well we here at On-his-mind have found a site that has over 120 000 videos dedicated to teaching you things! From business law to emailing, from car auto repair to planning the weeding of your dream this site has got it covered! And best of all it’s all completely free.

We are talking about a site called expert village. Watch how to videos and video clips at Expert Village, where you can learn just about anything.

Go to expert village at and you will be amazed at how experience and helpful the videos are on this site.

How IRQ(interrupt requested line)works

An IRQ or interrupt requested line is a Line to your CPU that other devises like mice can if needed interrupt the CPU. In other words if your CPU(the devise that processes everything on your computer)is working on a Task that is not as important as something like moving your mouse, The IRQ will tell your CPU to stop the unimportant task and do the more important one first which in this case is the mouse. The IRQ will then process the more important task and then after that task is complete will go back to the old task that was not as important.

IRQ are always hardware related. There are some IRQ that are preset by the manufacturer. The system timer which uses IRQ0, Keyboard controller which uses IRQ1, floppy controller which uses IRQ6, real-time clock which uses IRQ8 and the Math Co-processor which uses RQ13 all are set by default and cannot be changed. The rest of the IRQ are often set by the PC user themselves, Users change IRQs ether by setting jumpers on the Hardware itself or by using programs installed on the computer.

IRQ2 cascades to IRQ9 and IRQ9 cascades back to IRQ2.In the older XT BIOS there was only 8 IRQ lines but on the newer AT BIOS they added 8 more lines so that there were more IRQ lines available to send IRQ .IRQ2 gets its interrupt requests from IRQ 8-15 and then IRQ2s instructions are redirected to IRQ9.If you set a devise to use IRQ9 then that interrupt request cascades to IRQ2 so actually IRQ9 just sends the Interrupt request to IRQ2 Just like IRQ2 sends its interrupt requests to IRQ9 when it receive the data from IRQ8-15.Just take into account that if IRQ2 is being used.

basic Infomation on keyboards

A Keyboard is a Devise that you type information into so it can show up or do a task on your pc. The keyboard plugs into your motherboard by ether USB or a designated PS2 port which is specifically for Keyboards only.

The keyboard has an arrangement of different keys or buttons that have letter on it, if you press a letter it will send that letter as data to your PC and your PC will pick up what letter you pressed. Your computer will then process that letter and it will type it down or do a certain function.

For more information on keyboards and how they work please go to:

Basic Infomation on computer Mouses(Mice)

A mouse is a computer devise that plugs into your computer, the mouse is like a pointer for your computer. A mouse allows you to navigate around your computer and do tasks like opening internet explorer or exploring the internet.

Mouses are also called mice. Generally a PC mouse has 2 buttons, these buttons allow you to click on objects on your desktop or computer. Some apple Mac mice only have 1 button. Some mice have extra buttons and most commonly today you will find mice with a scroll wheel which allows you to scroll down pages faster.

You get many different mice, here is a list of some of the mice you get.
- Infra-red Optical mice
- Laser mice
-Mechanical Mice

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HowStuffWorks - your number one site to find out how stuff works!

Have you ever wondered how something works? For example how a LCD screen works or how How Vision Works? Well these are just two examples of more than 1000 things that you can find out on A site called how stuff works.

Acquired in October 2007, is the leading source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. It has won multiple Webby awards, was among Time's “25 Websites We Can’t Live Without” in 2006 and 2007, and was among PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Web Sites” four times including in 2007. HowStuffWorks attracts an average of more than 10 million unique visitors per month.

Yes that’s Right More than 10 million different people go to the site every month! If you looking for an easy to understand, good explanation on how something works for a project or even just to expand your knowledge go to

I am a huge Google fan and I use almost every product Google have to offer but I suggest that if you need to find out how anything works, don’t even search on google, just go straight to this site. This site has helped myself and billions of other people. If you have not gone on or used it before I suggest doing so now.

So what are you waiting for? Visit how stuff works at:

Basic Infomation on video cards(Graphics cards)

A graphics card is the devise that allows you to see what’s on your screen. Without a graphics card your screen ( even if on and is working)won’t show any image. The graphics card is a very complex and powerful devise. The image you see on your screen is made up of tiny dots called pixels, most screens show millions of pixels other even more!

The graphics card works like this, the graphics card gets binary code which it translates to color, the graphics card then outputs those colors on your screen.

This is a very basic outline of how these devises work. If you would like more in-depth information on how this devise works please go to:

Basic infomation on sound cards

Your sound card does two important things. The first thing it does is take digital information from your computer and turns it into sound and then outputting it through ether speakers, headphones are any other audio devise. The second thing it does is turn input sound (eg:microphone)and turns it from audio to digital data.

To be able to play and record sound you need to have both a microphone and speakers connected to a sound card which is on your computer. You connect speakers and other audio peripherals to your sound card by jacks called miniature audio jacks. On average you have at least 2 audio jacks namely audio in(microphone) and audio out(speakers)

These days most computers have built in audio devises(fitted to the motherboard) that offer surround sound as well as other newer technology such as S/PDIF(sony/Philips digital interface format which only needs 1 cable to be plugged into your pc to have surround sound.

For more information on sound cards please go to:

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The 3rd best online FPS of all time-counter Strike 1.6

Welcome to the 3rd installment on the top 5 online games of all time! In this article you will find out what game we think is the 3rd best online FPS of all time!

3. Counter strike 1.6

Counter strike also known as CS is a tactical first-person shooter video game which originated from a Half-Life modification by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. Counter-Strike pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds. Each round is won by either completing the mission objective or eliminating the opposing force.

Counter strike became a number 1 online hit and if you had never played it you were considered a none gamer of note! Counter strike improved their game by bringing out counter strike condition zero and then finally counter strike sauce also known as CSS.CSS is still played online today and has been one of valves biggest money makers!

Because counter strike 1.6 is a older game it can run well on the newer lower end PCs so it is often found installed on school and work computers. For more information on owe 3rd best online FPS game please go to:

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Basic infomation on Optical media

Optical media is what people use every day to listen to music, play movies, load games and lots more. Optical media is the term used for CDs and DVDs.

CDs can hold up to 700 megabytes of storage and DVDs can hold up to 4.4 gigabytes on a single layer and 8 gigabytes on a dual layer disk. To be able to play optical media on your PC you have to have an optical media drive. If you want to play DVDs you have to have a DVD compatible one, these drives have become extremely cheap and most of them now are DVD writer compatible meaning you can write your own data to them.
To get more in depth information on optical media please go to :

Basic Information on Hard Drives

A hard drive is a devise that stores all your data, this data includes your operating system, programs and any other data that is not being used by the CPU and RAM.

A pc hard drive has much more storage than RAM (normally 40-500 gigabits) although it is not as fast as RAM. It’s common to only find one or two hard drives in a computer but computers can have much more! In fact some computers have 16 or more drives.

Most commonly you will find ATA hard drives,there are two different types of ATA hard drives namely SATA and PATA. PATA is a older model than SATA. SATA is much better then PATA because it is faster and the cables are much thinner which means it will take up less space and ultimately will mean your pc will have better air flow meaning a better cool system. Newer motherboards all come with both SATA and PATA connections.

Basic infomation on Modems and how they work.

A modem is a device that allows you to connect to the internet. Your phone line plugs into a modem and the modem plugs into your computer by ether a serial port,usb port or internally vie a PCI card slot.

With dial up modems were very important as the modem would take your normal phone line and change its signal from analog to digital so your computer could read what it was saying. The reason it does this is because your computer can’t read analog like the phones do.

Today with ADSL and other high speeds analog intent has almost been phased out but for people who don’t have money or don’t have access to ADSL still stick with it.

Modems are still used today with ADSL and other fast speed services, you even get modems that can plug multiple computers in vie a cable network and/or a wireless network.

For more information on modems and their history please go to:

Basic infomation on Motherboards/mainboards

Every computer component in your pc connects to the motherboard! The motherboard also known as the main board is the component in your pc that links everything together! A motherboard is a thin flat silicon based board that has millions of different circuits that all connect to each other.

A Motherboard has tones of sockets and slots that components fit into, one of these is the CPU socket which fits straight into the main board, another component that fits directly into the board is RAM.

Other devises like hard drives, CD drives also connect to the motherboard but through a cable that is plugged into the motherboard leading into the devise. You can also plug add-on cards onto your motherboard such as extra graphics cards and TV tuners.

For more in depth information or for history on motherboards please go to:

Basic Information on the computer case

The case is the box that normally sits under on on top of your desk. It is round and holds all the components like the motherboard and hard drives in the correct places. The case is also known as the system unit, this is where you turn on your computer.

They case is built to hold the exact components at the right size so that no components can fall out or get damaged while being transported. The case also is designed to make air go through the PC to cool it down, It does this by blowing air in and out of the case with case fans.

Think of a case like this, it is the internal framework of the PC as well as the exterior protector of it. Without the case your computer components would be more likely damaged by dust,water,heat and many other problems that the case resolves.

JamLegand Online guitar hero game

we have found a awesome site where you play a guitar hero style game online and you get points and rank with other online players.

JamLegend lets you play a rocking guitar game online for free. It features a limitless song library, massive multiplayer, tournaments and social features.You can play against your friends as well which is flipping awesome!

I have played Guitar hero many times before but this is just awesome! The way it allows you to VS friends and makes a list of the songs you have played is just great!

TO check what all the fuss is about and how awesome this site realy is go to:

If know of any site that you think could make it into owe "best sites online" section please email it to us!

Basic Information on computer monitors and displays

A monitor is the box that you look at to see what your computer is doing! A monitor connects to the system unit usually by a cable connecting to a graphics port. The graphics port is these days usually on your motherboard but you can also buy graphics cards that fit into a designated graphics slot on your motherboard called AGP or with the newer PCs PCI express.

With newer graphics cards you can connect 2 monitors to your computer. There are 2 main types of monitors namely CRT(cathode ray tube) and LCD(liquid crystal display).LCD monitors are more common today as they are thinner and are better for your eyes but you still see a lot of people still using CRT because of the expensive cost of LCD monitors!

Computer screens rang from many different sizes, commonly they range from 15”-24” in size. If you would like to find out more about monitors, how they work and other information please go to:

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The 4th best online FPS of all time.

Welcome to the 2nd installment on the top 5 online games of all time! In this article you will find out what game we think is the 4th best online FPS of all time!

4. Half life 2: DeathMatch
Coming in as the 4th best FPS online game of all time is Half life 2:death match or HL2DM. Valve released Half-Life 2: Deathmatch on Steam. The goal of the game is to kill as many other players as possible, using a variety of means, in either free-for-all or team-based matches. A subsequent update to the game added an additional map and three new weapons.

HL2DM is fast passed game and is filled with fun and awesome game play.In this Death match game you get a number of guns, one being the ”Gravity Gun” with this gun you can pick up almost any object and through it at your opponents!

This game in my eyes is the number one online game off all time but unfortunately this game never toke off as well as other games like Counter strike source which came out at around about the same time!

You can now get this game for free if you have a NIVIDA or an ATI graphics card! If you would like to find out how to get this game for free please go here:
Stay with us while we count down to the Top online FPS game ever made and played!

Half life 2:deathmatch and other steam games for free

Half-life 2: deathmatch is an online multiplayer first person shooter game that can be bought on steam for $9.00 but you can also get it for free.

ATI and nvidia are now giving their users HL2DM and some other great steam games for free.

If you are an ATI user you can get the following games for free:
Half-life 2: lost cost
Half-life 2: deathmatch
To get these games all you need to do is go to this link and follow the on screen instructions:

If you are a nvidia user you are really lucky, you will get the following games for free:
Portal first slice
Half-life 2: deathmatch
Half-life 2: lost cost
Peggle extreme
To get these games all you need to do is go to this link and follow the on screen instructions:

I have tried both of these offers out and they both work!!, if you have a steam account already and have a lot of games on the account then I suggest making a new one.

The Price of games! Is it all worth it?

I walked into a music store and looked at the latest games they had on their fully stocked shelves! I looked at the games I was interested in and would quickly shove them onto the shelves after looking at the price. I can’t see myself buying a game for R450 that I might not enjoy! The reason why I brought this up is because I see myself as a hard core gamer or a avid gamer! I mainly play PC but we have a Nintendo WII.

When WII came out here in sunny South Africa the games were dirt cheap.R300 for a wii game was the average price and obviously games like super Mario were more ranging in at about R600,For those of you that don’t know R10 Is 1$US. WII games are now on average R450, that’s $45.00! I don’t think that’s a good price for games! That’s too expensive .Now while I was rummaging through the games I found a game called PopStar Guitar, This game is just like Guitar hero but it doesn’t come with a full sized guitar but comes with a clip-on button thing for the wii remote. The price of this game was only R100 which is $10! For a WII game that’s Dirt cheap!

I got home and check the price online and found I GOT A GREAT DEAL! The game online is R450,and I only got it for R100.But this game is not worth the normal price tag, it’s boring and really doesn’t have anything kick ass about it. Although I have not played the game for more than an hour I don’t even know If I really want too!

I knew I was most probable not going to play it again but for the price of only R100 I would buy it. What if games were cheaper? would you buy more games even if you didn’t know if you would enjoy it? Well if I had to answer that question I would have to say yes!

If games were cheaper for both consoles and PC I would buy much more games and I would not care if they were so crap! Games should become cheaper and I can almost guarantee people will stop pirating games and more games will be bought meaning the game creators will make more money and then everyone is happy!

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Basic Information on RAM(random access memory)

Random access memory also known as RAM for short stores data and programs that are going to be needed to be used by the CPU.The reason for this is because your CPU can only process a certain amount of data at a time so any data that needs to be proceed by the CPU needs to get stored somewhere while the CPU process the first tasks it receives.

RAM today has billions of bytes of memories in their ram chips. Most computers today have between 256MB to 2GB of ram but there are also computers like servers that have much more Gigabits of ram. Ram is generally long and rectangular although there are many different types of RAM. RAM fits straight into your motherboard and is secured with 2 clips that hold it into place. You are most likely going to find dual inline memory module (DIMM )RAM in computers today.

For more information on RAM and different types/speeds and any other information please go to:

The 5th best online FPS of all time.

Welcome to the first instalment on the top 5 online games of all time! On his mind will count you down from the 5th best game down to 1! Stay with us and see why we have chosen these games as the top 5 best FPS for online play!

5. Quake III Arena

Coming in as the 5th best FPS online game of all time is Quake III Arena also known as Quake 3 by many gamers is a awesome first person shooter that toke the gaming community by storm in December 1999. The game was developed by id Software and featured music composed by Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly. Quake III Arena is the third in the series and differs from previous games in the series by excluding a traditional single-player element and focusing on multi-player action. The single-player is instead played against computer controlled bots in a similar style to Unreal Tournament.

Q3A's aim is to frag (kill) enemy players and score points based on the game mode's objective such as capturing the enemy flag. When a player's health points reach zero, that player's avatar is fragged; in the majority of modes the player can then respawn and continue playing, health restored, but without previously gathered weapons and power-ups. Games end when a player or team reaches a score or time-limit. Game modes include deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and tournament.

Notable features of Quake 3 include the minimalist design, lacking rarely used items and features, the extensive customizability of player settings such as field of view, texture detail and enemy model, and advanced movement features such as strafe-jumping that give more speed with greater skill in contrast to the digital, all or nothing design of many computer games.

This game was way ahead of its class when it was released and is still played frequently online today!ID software(the creators of Q3) did a brilliant job and because of this it is listed in our top 5 online FPS games of all time.

Stay with us while we feature the top 4 FPS games of all time on this blog!

Top 5 online FPS games of all time(count down)

welcome to the on his mind top FPS(first person shooter) games of all time. Here we will tell you what the best online/LAN FPS of all time is! We will count from five down to the top online first person shooter that gamers have loved to play!

This is The “on his mind” top 5 FPS online games of all time!We hope you enjoy reading these articles and please do comment if you have any comments or if you disagree with ow selection!

every thing you need to know about SCSI and SCSI drives.

I know a lot about computers, in fact I know more than some IT technicians, but due to me being pretty young compared to computers there is a lot of old hardware I don’t know about and one of them is SCSI.

After doing some research on the internet and the like I now know quite a lot! SCSI Stands for Small Computer System Interface.SCSI is mainly in servers because it can run lots of devices simultaneously. You connect SCSI hard drives, scanners, CD-ROM/RW drives, printers and tape drives to a SCSI host adapter.You don’t see SCSI in A lot of new computers because SCSI has mainly been taken over by SATA(serial-ATA) because newer SATA drives are faster and cheaper than SCSI drives.SCSI talks to your computer with a add-on card called a host adapter, some host adapters have both internal and external SCSI ports to fit a SCSI cable into.

SCSI is a very old technology (been around for 20 odd years)yet it is very fast,currently SCSI has speeds of up to 320 megabytes per second or MBps.

SCSI comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes but I will not go into all this in this article. If you would however like to see what they all look like and information on them go here:

SCSI runs parallel which means all the information is sent at the same time and does not have to wait and send information one at a time.SCSI host adaptors have a built in BIOS just like your motherboard, this SCSI BIOS controls your SCSI drives. Every SCSI devises has a SCSI ID,this ID is important because without it the host adaptor won’t be able to speak to the other devises on the SCSI chain.

On the end of a SCSI daisy chain you have to put a terminator because then the SCSI drive does not know that there is no more devises connected, to do this you need to add a termination devise or set your devise to termination mode.

For more information on SCSI visit:

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Thanks for being interested in contacting us.

Basic information on the Central processing unit (CPU)

Many people compare the CPU(central processing unit) to the human brain, although this is slightly true it is a huge overstatement for the CPU. The CPU is more like a very powerful calculator that can calculate billions of calculations every second and because it does this so fast it does in fact look very intelligent. Everything you do on your computer is processed by the CPU.The faster the CPU is the faster it can process calculations! In other words every CPU does the same thing, but it is better to have a faster CPU so it can process tasks that need to be processed faster, well faster! If you use your PC for word processing, internet, email and other basic tasks you don’t need such a powerful CPU but if you are going to use your PC for gaming or graphics design you going to have a fast CPU to processes calculations on the fly.

The CPU fits into a CPU socket on your motherboard! Without the CPU your PC won’t be able to do anything. In my opinion CPUs and motherboards are the most important system component today. For more information on Central processing units please visit:

Is it better to walk or run in the rain?What's going to make you more wet

Have you ever asked yourself whether you get more what if you run or walk in the rain? Well at varsity today this became a heated argument wile it was pouring out side. We went online, argued points and disgusted how we would prove we were correct.

At the end of the lecture we all decided to find out for good! We got one Runner and one walker, each person had to go the same distance ether walking or running. We gave both students a piece of white paper that they had to hold in their hand flat wile running. We were going to inspect both the paper and the clothing for dryness.

Both the runner and the walker started at the exact same time and did the exact same distance while we stood and watched on the second floor, the runner got back to us in a couple of seconds and we examined his clothing and the paper, about a minute later the walker got back and the truth was told. The walker was much wetter than the runner, and worse his piece of paper was soaked with rain water.

This concluded that running is in fact much better than walking in the rain to stay as dry as possible.

Apparently this whole argument has become a heated discussion around some scientists and a show called myth busters has actually done tests so we can find out the truth, myth busters also found that running is better than walking.

The resone why it is better to run than walk in the rain is because of the following. If you run you will be out the rain faster than the walker. We came to the conclusion that if the runner ran for the same amount of time than the walker the runner would in fact be more wet due to the runner getting hit by rain drops from the front(Just like when you drive in the car).But remember the runner will have run triple the distance than the walker.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook march 2009 layout update!

Last week or so facebook released their new facebook profile page layout to the world. The new design give users the ability to easily feed the news stream by friend type and network, and gives users a much easier way to post links, photos and videos. The news feed will also begin updating in real time without page refreshes.

This in my eyes is a break through!Facebook have managed to do what I think is brilliant.facebook has successfully made it more like twitter while still having everything else you have always had on facebook.But unfortunately not everyone is happy with the new setup that I love so much.

Some people don’t appreciate this new setup and are setting up groups to try take it down and change it back to the old style, I think that’s rubbish! Give them 1 month and they will learn how to use this new layout and then they will see how much better it really is! I think this is an innovation that was needed to keep facebook on top of their game! Facebook have done well up to now, and all these things are tested and improved way before the public even hear about it!

The new facebook is here to stay and if you don’t like it, then you going to have to live with it! Facebook have done a good job on this update and we should all appreciate it.

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