Monday, April 27, 2009

How to upload files to rapidshare.

In this guide we are going to show you how to upload anything you want to rapidshare so that others can download it quickly anywhere in the world.With rapidshare your file can be a maximum of 200Meg but you can upload an unlimited amount of files.

1.Go to or click here.

2.On the front page click the browse button shown in the picture bellow.

3.A box will open up that will allow you to browse your hard drive.Look for the file you would like to upload and then click open.

4.You will notice that there is now writing in the box next to browse.This is where the file you are wanting to upload is hosted on your PC.Now click on the upload button that looks like this.

5.A new window will appear telling you how much has been uploaded and how long it will take. After it is uploaded a link will be shown to you,this link is what you must give to people to download your uploaded file.

Remember that all files are deleted after 90 days but this can be changed if you sign up for a premium account.

Information on Bebo and the history behind it.

Bebo is an online social media network similar in format to MySpace and Facebook.Bebo currently is the third most popular social networking with only a 1.18% share of the market.

In September 2007 bebo was the 11th most visited site in the uk according to then on March 13, 2008 Bebo was bought by AOL.COM for $850million

Bebo is mainly an English orientated social networking site but recently launched a Polish version of the site. There is also planning to bring out French and German versions if the Polish version does well.

Bebo was founded in January 2005 by Michael and Xochi Birch (husband and wife), and since then has become a total hit.

To join bebo click here.

Joynet Strongspace-Secure online file hosting.

Strongspace is a site that allows you to update important data from your PC to the internet so that if your computer goes down you can easily get all your important data back in no time.

Stongspace by joynet is very secure and can store, back-up, and share any type of file with your co-workers, friends and family.You upload the files in a number of ways but the most common way is vie FTP and the other way is online by simply logging in and browsing for what you want to upload.

Strongspace has a number of packages starting at $0 for 2gb of file storage going up to $100 a month for 100GB.

To view what stongspace has to offer please click here.

How to turn GMail into a harddrive or file hosting server-For Mac users.

Welcome to this on-his-mind how to guide on how to turn your GMail account into a hard drive so you can access your files all over the world vie the internet at any time.
Please note that this is for apple mac only.

1.First you will need to get a GMail email address.To do this go to and click "creat an account" and follow the on screen instructions.

2.Download a program called gDisk by clicking here.

3.Install the application then enter in your user name and password and start uploading stuff straight to your GMail account.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to set up a MySpace account.

It is very easy to make a MySpace account and any one can do it as long as you have an email address and basic internet knowledge.
To set up a MySpace account, do the following:

1. the first thing you must do to get started with MySpace is register, to do this go to ,once this page has loaded find the members login box and then click on the sign up button or you can click on the sign up link on the top right hand of the screen.

2. A JOIN MYSPACE HERE! Box will appear, in this box it will ask you to enter some of your details. When you have finished with all this click the sign up button. You will then have to verify your account, all the info you need for this is on the page so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do.

3. Once you have finished registering and have verified your account you will be asked to upload a picture of yourself, this picture will be seen by all your my space friends and any one that views your my space account, so pick a nice one.

4. Once you have uploaded your picture to MySpace account it will take you to a Invite Your Friends! Page. If I were you I would just go to the bottom and click on the “skip for now” button, so that you don’t spam your friend’s mail box before you know how to use MySpace properly.

5. after you have finished with the account setup you will get sent to your own page where you will be able to start changing your profile and adding new things, you will also be able to start adding friends and family.

You Have now succsessfuly set up a myspace account! Stay tuned for more how to guides on Mysapce.

Information on Myspace and the history behind it.

MySpace is a social networking website where anyone who has an internet connection can join, create and edit their own profiles and build a network of friends.

MySpace also has content like blogs, groups, photos, music and videos that has usually bean uploaded by the MySpace users. MySpace also has online IM and on site email.

The history
my space was foundered by Tom Anderson, Chris Dewolfe, and a group of programmers in the year 2003, Myspace became very popular immediately among teenagers and adults all over the world. In 2005 MySpace was sold to Rupert Murdoch’s news corporation for a reported $580 million. In 2006 it was reported that MySpace had over 100 million users but some say that they only had 46 million users at the time. MySpace is currently the world's fifth most popular website, and the third most popular website in the United States.

Your only friend tom!
You will notice that you will already have a friend in your my space account called Tom, this is Tom Anderson, who is the founder of MySpace. Songs and other media has been made about Tom being their only friend, you will find some of these videos on popular video sites like YouTube. The one thing we do know for sure is that he has the most friends on MySpace and no one else will beat it!

Go to the Myspace site by clicking here.

cloud computing-What Is cloud computing and how does it work.

Have you heard of cloud computing?Well I have and its becoming huge with even Telkom soon to be starting to get into the space.

Here is a video on how it works and what it is.

This video is very informative and even if you know about cloud computing its worth watching.

Mozy-The Best Way To Back Up Your PC.

On the on-his-mind low we have gone through a number of online storage backup systems and what features they have and so forth and so far we here at on-his-mind have not seen something as good as mozy.

Mozy is a simple,safe and easy way to back up all your files and folders on your computer.All your information is stored on a remote server that is very secure so that if you lose your important data you are able to retrieve it quickly and easily with no worries.

Mozy is by far the cheapest storage host around for what you receive.With mozy you get unlimited file hosting for only $4.99 a month.In my opinion this is a great price and it is no wonder why mozy is one of the most popular backup and file hosting sites around today.

You might be asking yourself"why would I need unlimited file hosting?I only need 1gb to back up what's really important to me!" and if you are then mozy is still for you because mozy also offers a FREE account with up to 2gb free.

For more information on mozy or to start using them visit their site by clicking here.

bryght storage hosting is closing down after 5 years.

Bryght recently released a statement saying that they would be closing down.

I the statement issued on under the sign up section Robert Scales who is the CEO and Founder of web agency Raincity Studios said that"it is with regret that today we must announce that effective April 30th, 2009 Bryght hosted services will be phased "

Bryght will be completely shut down by May 29, 2009 and will cease to exist after that date.

This comes after top storage sites like known as streamload) as well as omnidrive and other players in this field closed.

For other file storage sites please look on this blog for both reviews and who we suggest you using.

Unlimited Online Backup, Storage, and Sharing with allmydata.

allmydata is a a Unlimited Online Backup, Storage, and Sharing site that is unfortunately not free.

Allmydata was started with all the users that have lost important data due to disk crashes, viruses or even a mere computer replacement in mind.

Allmydata inc. has both a monthly and yearly package with both the same features just different price.The monthly account is $9.99 and the yearly account is $99.99

If you are a allmydata customer you get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth on a safe and secure server so that you can have your mind at piece and not have to worry about your backups going missing.

Allmydata also have a version for the iphone which is very cool.

In my opinion I dont think that allmydata is worth what you recieve! There are tones of other storage hosts that offer free acount and I think allmydata should have done the same.

To check out allmydata please click here.

5GB free online storage for anything you want with 4shared.

The on-his-mind team have been working to find the top storage sites on the internet and have come one step closer to finding the top one.

Today we will be telling you about!4shared is a FREE file sharing and storage site which allows you to upload up to 5GB of data to their site.You can the access that information any where in the world with a internet connection or can share it so that others can download your uploaded data.

With 4shared you can upload,access and then share your music, video, photos and documents with a click of the button.For free users you get the following:
• 5 GB storage space(upload up to 5000mb of data)
• Unlimited uploads
• Unlimited downloads(download as many files you want)
• Unlimited free traffic(Share your stuff with as many people as you want)
• 100 MB upload size limit(all files you upload have to be 100MB or less)

4shared also have a premium version which offers more space and well,much more of every thing.Here is what you get if you are a premium member:
• 100 GB storage space(100 gigabytes if space for you to upload anything)
• 100 GB premium traffic
• 2 GB upload size limit(upload files as big as 2000mb each)
• Direct download
• No waiting time, No ads(no waiting time when downloading data)
• Resume broken downloads(If the download stops half way you can start it where it stopped)

4shared charges $9.95 a Month or $77.95 a Year for the premium account but is well worth it if you need the bigger upload size limits and storage space.

another feature that I like a lot about 4shared is that you can login with out having to register...well almost.With 4shared you can login with your google account or even with your openID account,this means you will not have to create an account and then verify your email address and so forth.

I personally use 4shared to backup important documents so that if my hard drive and/or my backups on site go missing or get damaged I am able to quickly and easily retrieve them in no time.

Go directly to by clicking here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Secure automatic online backup with advanced security- Carbonite

A few weeks ago we had a article on how to backup stuff manually on the internet using a site called box,to view this article please click here
In that article we wrote about a free service to backup and access important data on the move.In this article we are going to tell you about a wonderful online backup tool that you should not be without.


Online back up has become extremely useful and important for both big companies and individuals that can not take the risk of important data being lost.Carbonite is a highly advanced service that automatically backs up your data on your computer to the internet.

Carbonite is not a web based product.Instead you download a application that runs in the background of your computer and automatically copies or updates files and folders to a secure server on the internet.If you change a file that has already been backed up it will automatically update the file online so that you will never lose it.

according to carbonite they encrypt the files and data retrieved two times before backing it up on a offsite server.They also use the same encryption techniques that banks use which just shows how secure it really is.

If you do lose a file or even worse all your information you can easily get all your information back.

Unfortunately carbonite is a paid for service but if you are working on replaceable data we think it is worth the $54.95 price tag per year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make money by using google and other search engines.

Billions of searches are done on the internet daily with sites like Google and yahoo who make billions of dollars every year from you for just searching. But now you can make money for searching too. There are now sites that use search engines like yahoo and Google but then give you a percentage of the commission they make for the search.

This is a guide on how to make money by searching the internet just like you do every day. We will go through a few of the top search sites that pay you to search through them!

homepage friends

The first site we going to start off with is homepage friends.This site uses yahoo as its search engine and gives you 50% of the money it makes from your searches. With myhpf you can also invite your friends,by doing this you get a percentage of the 50% of the money myhpf keeps.

I have personally used myhpf before and have over 2000 searches on it and I can safely say that they do pay your money out.

Visit My home page friends by clicking here

stick around for other sites that you can make money with by simply searching the internet.

How to build a Multitouch Surface Computer-

Last year windows unveiled a multi touch table called Microsoft Surface
which allows you to touch a screen that was built into a office table and move objects around.To view Microsoft's invention go to their site here .This new technology got all the geek's exited and a whole community online started with people from all over the world trying to build a multi touch screen.

The guys at maximum pc built a multi touch screen and have a guide on how to build one up from scratch.To learn how to make your own multitouch screen for only $300 go here

Or to see what they built check out this video.

Maximum PC's Multitouch Surface Computer from Maximum PC on Vimeo.

This is really amazing and soon it will be a life style to have one of these in every home!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Stop facebook From Sending You All Those Unwanted Emails.

Facebook is a very popular social networking site that has millions of users all over the world.One of the biggest problems with Facebook however is the unwanted email notifications it sends you when ever some one else does something on facebook that you are friends with. This is a guide on how to set your facebook account to ether never send you any emails again or to turn on and off certain email notifications.

Social networking guide on how to disable email notifications on facebook!
1.log into facebook and click on the settings button on the top right side of the screen next to logout.

2.Go to the notifications tab by clicking on the notifications heading that looks like this.

3.Go through the list and turn on and off the notifications you would like to be sent to you vie email.I did not want any email sent to me vie facebook so I set them all to off.

4.Once you have finished changing your email notifications you must save them by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "save changes" Button.

You will now only get specific or no email from facebook although they do say that"Even if you turn off all notifications, we may sometimes need to email you important notices about your account."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Picasa web album-Free Online photo sharing and hosting

A Picasa web album is free online photo storage and sharing site that is run by Google.

Picasa web album is just like flickr,you can backup your pictures online and share them with the world. You get up to 1024 MB free photo and image space on the Google owned site, once you reach the limit you will not be able to upload any more pictures but you can buy more photo space at a very cheap price.

Picasa web album has one of the cheapest paid for photo sharing services on the internet today. Here are the standard prices:
10 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
40 GB ($75.00 USD per year)
150 GB ($250.00 USD per year)
400 GB ($500.00 USD per year)

If you have a Google account you do not have to go through all the trouble of having to register and verify mail, instead all you do is insert your user name and password and you in. Picasa also provides a service that the other online photo sharing sites don’t, a photo editing and uploading tool for your pc or Mac all for free. This program is called Picasa and Google recently released version 3.

Picasa web alum is my preferred photo sharing site with hundreds of my pictures shard and backed up on the service. All the pictures on this blog are also hosted on the picasa web albums site. To go directly to Picasa web albums please click here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Webshots-Free online picture hosting

Webshots is a free online picture and image hosting service. It is one of the biggest picture and image hosting sites on the internet today with over 7.2 Million monthly visitors and more than 520 million photos on the site.

Webshots has both a photo and a video category with both free and premium(paid)accounts that have a huge online storage space for you to upload as many images as you want. Webshots was one of the first successful photo sharing sites, starting in early 1996 as a wallpaper and screensaver site but latter changed into the sharing site it is today.

As mentioned above you get both the free and paid for account, these accounts are very different. Here is a list of what you get with both the paid for and free account.

•Store and share 1,000 personal photos + 100 more for each month of membership.
•Upload and share up to 5-minute videos.
•Stats on three of your albums.

•Store and share 5,000 personal photos + 500 more for each month of membership.
•Upload and share up to 10-minute videos.
•No distracting ads.
•Stats on all your albums.
•Unlimited photo downloads, including Pro Shots.

To find out more about webshots or to join this brilliant service please click here.

SmugMug-Professional safe,sharing and hosting for your images and photos online

Smugmug is a site where users can upload and share their personal pictures online. this site is a paid for service and is arguably the most professional photo sharing site on the internet today. This amazing photo sharing site has no adverts on the site it also does not send spam to their users, but the best thing of all about smugmug is that it so stunning and professional.

Although you do have to pay for this amazing service you do get unlimited safe storage for all your images and photos ,Smugmug says that they have the most secure systems to keep your photos safe and almost guarantee that not one of your photos will go missing.

Smugmug has 45 employees with over 300,000 paying customers with more than 504,004,737 photos in their data base and counting.

Smugmug offers other services besides photo hosting and sharing,smugmug also offer professional quality printing as well as the option to get your photos put on t-shirts,mugs,mouse pads, puzzles and lots more.

If you are looking for a professional online photo sharing site where your photos are guaranteed to be safe then this site is the one you need to join and start using.

To go directly to smugmug please click here.

smilebox-Image hosting,Scrapbooking, Free Ecards, Birthday and Greeting Cards all in 1

Smilebox is a photo sharing site that is very different to other sites like flickr and Picasa. Smilebox is a photo hosting site that allows you to quickly and efficiently turn your photos into awesome creations to share with your friends, family or even yourself.

The main point of Smilebox is for you to upload photos and videos and then use the content you uploaded to make very professional animated scrapbooks, photo albums, post cards, slide shows and greeting cards. You do this by easily choosing a readymade template from their huge data base, you then drag and drop your photos and videos into your desired place and you can edit and customize the templates and photos. You can also add your own desired music and text to your creation.

Once you have created and saved your creation you can email it to anyone to view or you can add it to facebook,MySpace and even blog it and print it. Smilebox is a free service but you can also get a monthly paid for service which gives you access to even more editing tools and templates.

To go straight to the Smilebox website please click here

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 5 online FPS games of all time.

Welcome to the on his mind top FPS(first person shooter) games of all time. Here we will tell you what the best online/LAN FPS of all time is! We go from the best game down.

It toke us a long time to decide which game should have come in first and second place. A lot of people would say that COD4 is the number 1 online FPS game while others say Team fortress 2 is, because of this debate we here at “on-his-mind” went online and studied the games and other gamers opinions on which game is the top FPS game of all time.

This is The “on his mind” top 5 FPS online games of all time! We hope you enjoy reading these articles and please do comment if you have any comments!

The best FPS online FPS of all time-Team Fortress 2

Welcome to the Final instalment on the top 5 online games of all time! We counted down from the 5th best FPS online game down and now we are finally here at number 1.The on-his-mind team worked long and hard playing games and finding out what the world thought was the best online FPS of all time and we are finally going to reveal it in this last and final post of the “Top 5 online FPS games of all time”

1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 also known as TF2 for short is the “on-his-mind” top FPS game of all time. TF2 Is an online team based FPS game made by Valve Corporation. The game is a sequel to the half life mod called team fortress classic. TF2was first released in October 2007 with the orange box which featured 5 games including TF2.Team fortress 2 can also be bought through steam which is A online store where you by legal games and download them straight off the internet.

In the game you get two teams namely the red and blue team, these two teams compete against each other to finish specific tasks. The player can choose to be one of the nine classes. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Team Fortress 2 toke nine years for valve to complete, this was because they worked hard on making sure the classes were even and that there was no class that was better than the other. This was very important for Valve to do because on most online games there is a weapon or class that is more powerful than the other.A few examples of this is the AWP on counter strike source the rocket launcher on half life 2: deathmatch as well as Quake 3.Because the classes on TF2 are so even you get a even amount of people playing classes making the team play even more important.

TF2 has proven that if a team does not work together they will fail but if they do they will succeed. If you are looking for a game that is very team orientated then this is the game for you.TF2 is the most competitive online game of all time because of valve brilliant map architecture and design as well as their 9 even and useful classes.

TF2 is the number one game any FPS enthusiast should buy and try!
For more info on this amazing game go to their wiki page at

Flickr-Photo Sharing and social networking all in one!

Flickr is an online photo/image hosting and sharing site combined with social networking features like commenting on other peoples work as well as “favorite” their work and give it a rating. Flickr is the world’s most popular photo-sharing site with images being added every second of every day.

In February 2004 flickr was launched by Ludicorp which was a company based in Vancouver,Canada.Aglthough the site is mainly for personal photos and is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository. At the end of the year 2008 flickr had more than 3 billion images in their data base.

Flickr was a proposed multi-user game that was never released because of its huge take off as an image website. The first thing the Flickr website had was a chat room called flickrLive. flickrLive was a place where people could share and exchange their images with others. Flickr was mainly only a forum where members would post pictures they had found on the web however rapidly the site evolved into A site where users would rather show off their personal images.

In 2005 Ludicorp was bought out by yahoo and they became the proud new owners of the flickr Brand and site. Still today flickr is growing at an alarming rate and is getting bigger and more popular. Because of this sites social networking infrastructure which combines photos with it, this site is on the on-his-mind best sites online list.

If you are a photographer or you do anything cool with images or other artwork you should be on flickr. To go to flickr go to