Friday, March 20, 2009

Basic Information on Hard Drives

A hard drive is a devise that stores all your data, this data includes your operating system, programs and any other data that is not being used by the CPU and RAM.

A pc hard drive has much more storage than RAM (normally 40-500 gigabits) although it is not as fast as RAM. It’s common to only find one or two hard drives in a computer but computers can have much more! In fact some computers have 16 or more drives.

Most commonly you will find ATA hard drives,there are two different types of ATA hard drives namely SATA and PATA. PATA is a older model than SATA. SATA is much better then PATA because it is faster and the cables are much thinner which means it will take up less space and ultimately will mean your pc will have better air flow meaning a better cool system. Newer motherboards all come with both SATA and PATA connections.

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