Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Price of games! Is it all worth it?

I walked into a music store and looked at the latest games they had on their fully stocked shelves! I looked at the games I was interested in and would quickly shove them onto the shelves after looking at the price. I can’t see myself buying a game for R450 that I might not enjoy! The reason why I brought this up is because I see myself as a hard core gamer or a avid gamer! I mainly play PC but we have a Nintendo WII.

When WII came out here in sunny South Africa the games were dirt cheap.R300 for a wii game was the average price and obviously games like super Mario were more ranging in at about R600,For those of you that don’t know R10 Is 1$US. WII games are now on average R450, that’s $45.00! I don’t think that’s a good price for games! That’s too expensive .Now while I was rummaging through the games I found a game called PopStar Guitar, This game is just like Guitar hero but it doesn’t come with a full sized guitar but comes with a clip-on button thing for the wii remote. The price of this game was only R100 which is $10! For a WII game that’s Dirt cheap!

I got home and check the price online and found I GOT A GREAT DEAL! The game online is R450,and I only got it for R100.But this game is not worth the normal price tag, it’s boring and really doesn’t have anything kick ass about it. Although I have not played the game for more than an hour I don’t even know If I really want too!

I knew I was most probable not going to play it again but for the price of only R100 I would buy it. What if games were cheaper? would you buy more games even if you didn’t know if you would enjoy it? Well if I had to answer that question I would have to say yes!

If games were cheaper for both consoles and PC I would buy much more games and I would not care if they were so crap! Games should become cheaper and I can almost guarantee people will stop pirating games and more games will be bought meaning the game creators will make more money and then everyone is happy!

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