Sunday, March 29, 2009

Microsoft office live-Microsoft's Web-based office software

A few days ago we featured a site called Google docs which is an online based office tool. Because of goggles success in their web based tool Microsoft followed suit creating a similar service for their Live members called office live.

Office live is almost a replica of Google docs. Office live allows live members to store and share Microsoft office documents on the internet. This is very handy for backing up important data or if you want to accesses it on another computer through the internet. The sharing feature allows you to share a document with other users, you do this by selecting the user yourself. This means that you choose who sees your files and who doesn’t.

Office live consists of two services namely Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Business In this article we are going to describe to you exactly what the difference between the two services are, we do this so you can decided which one will fit your needs.

We are first going to start with Office live workspace. As mentioned above office live workspace’s main feature is that it allows users to store and share documents online anywhere in the world for free. You can access your office live workspace vie the internet ether using their website or directly from Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint by installing an Office Live Update extension .Although you can view documents online you cannot change or edit them on the site, instead you have to download the document onto your pc and then edit it in the correct office client for example word or excel. With office live workspace you get up to 5 Gigabits of storage, this means you don’t have to carry a flash stick or CDs around with you but instead all you have to do is upload data to the site and then when it needs to be accessed elsewhere all you do is login to your Office live account and download them.

The biggest disadvantage to using office live workspace is the fact that you can’t edit the files online like other online web based office software like Google docs.

Office Live Workspace

Office Live Small Business
Microsoft Office Live Small Business is an Internet-based service that allows users to create a professional looking website without needing any knowledge of design or technical skills.

Office live small business has multiple features for people that are wanting to create and own a website. These features change often and price structure may be implemented at any time. For these reasons we do not go into it thoroughly.

You can access office live from the following link

In my opinion Google docs is much more better and powerful because you can do everything on the site itself and you don’t have to download extenuations for office and you can edit docs online from anywhere whether you have office installed or not.For these reasons office live ARE NOT on ow best sites online list.

If you would like to find out more about both Office live small business and office live workspace visit the wiki page at

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