Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 3rd best online FPS of all time-counter Strike 1.6

Welcome to the 3rd installment on the top 5 online games of all time! In this article you will find out what game we think is the 3rd best online FPS of all time!

3. Counter strike 1.6

Counter strike also known as CS is a tactical first-person shooter video game which originated from a Half-Life modification by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. Counter-Strike pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds. Each round is won by either completing the mission objective or eliminating the opposing force.

Counter strike became a number 1 online hit and if you had never played it you were considered a none gamer of note! Counter strike improved their game by bringing out counter strike condition zero and then finally counter strike sauce also known as CSS.CSS is still played online today and has been one of valves biggest money makers!

Because counter strike 1.6 is a older game it can run well on the newer lower end PCs so it is often found installed on school and work computers. For more information on owe 3rd best online FPS game please go to:

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