Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is it better to walk or run in the rain?What's going to make you more wet

Have you ever asked yourself whether you get more what if you run or walk in the rain? Well at varsity today this became a heated argument wile it was pouring out side. We went online, argued points and disgusted how we would prove we were correct.

At the end of the lecture we all decided to find out for good! We got one Runner and one walker, each person had to go the same distance ether walking or running. We gave both students a piece of white paper that they had to hold in their hand flat wile running. We were going to inspect both the paper and the clothing for dryness.

Both the runner and the walker started at the exact same time and did the exact same distance while we stood and watched on the second floor, the runner got back to us in a couple of seconds and we examined his clothing and the paper, about a minute later the walker got back and the truth was told. The walker was much wetter than the runner, and worse his piece of paper was soaked with rain water.

This concluded that running is in fact much better than walking in the rain to stay as dry as possible.

Apparently this whole argument has become a heated discussion around some scientists and a show called myth busters has actually done tests so we can find out the truth, myth busters also found that running is better than walking.

The resone why it is better to run than walk in the rain is because of the following. If you run you will be out the rain faster than the walker. We came to the conclusion that if the runner ran for the same amount of time than the walker the runner would in fact be more wet due to the runner getting hit by rain drops from the front(Just like when you drive in the car).But remember the runner will have run triple the distance than the walker.

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