Friday, June 20, 2008

The Best ecard site online.

Ecards are card that you can send to people you know to show them you care, an ecard is just like a post card or a birthday card except it’s sent to the recipient by email or by a link to a site.

There are lots of sites that offer free ecards but the problem with them is that they look like normal cards you could buy from the shops, there is no animation or cool effects that would amaze you and that would make you prefer getting an ecard to a normal card.

I found a site that has animated ecards that look really cool and fun!!!Some of the ecards you can customize text while some of them you can even put your own picture in. The ones that don’t have the ability to change the design are also cool because they are often really interactive and have cool sound and image effects.

To get a ecard with a difference go to yahoo.americangreetings(

On this site you can choose between hundreds of free animated ecards that you will truly fall in love with. Whether it is for a birthday or to say thank you this is definitely the site you should be checking out.

This is the best ecard site I have found and I am sure there is no other ecard site that is better!!!

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