Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to mass unfollow people who are not following you.

Twitter has this horrible limit where you can only follow a maximum for 2000 people if you do not have more than 2000 people following you.This means you can only follow 200 people and if you want to follow any one else you cant.To be able to re invite people again you should do a mass unfollow.The mass unfollow you are going to be taught today will unfollow all the people who are not following you.

1.Go to huirrer mutuality by clicking here.

2.Enter your twitter username and password and then select Unfollow all who do not follow you back.

3.Untick "Follow the latest news of" and then go.

4.Wait for the bar to reach 100% and then read what it says on the site.

You have not mass unfollowed everyone who was not following you back.

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