Friday, June 19, 2009

To read or to listen?Wile books get big audio is getting bigger!

I must admit I am not a big reading fan AT ALL.Any book that's thicker than 100 pages and I will be cringing at the thoughts of even picking it up but lately I have discovered Audio books,yes that's right a book that's in audio.

I feel like a kid again,every night I get into bed and put my ipod ear phone where they belong and press play and to be honest I have really enjoyed it so far!

I have listened to all the Twilight books,barrack Obamas books and a few others and I am not going to stop any time soon.The problem is that there are not that many audio books out yet but that's to companies like audible that's changing!

If you decided to put your paper back down for once and listen to a book instead the best place to get it one is with out a doubt has the biggest most comprehensive collection of audio on the internet and algthough it might seem a bit pricey its all worth it!

You can now listen to a book in the car while you driving to work or hiking in the berg,in fact you can listen to books any where and that's why I love Audio books.

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