Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to automatically send a message to new followers.

When someone follows you on twitter it is often nice to send them messages thanking them and introducing yourself.This can take a lot of time but in this guide to twitter we are going to show you how to send a automatic message to them.

1.Go to twitterdmer by clicking here and login using your twitter username and password.

2.once you have logged into twitterdmer click in the box that is titled"Enter your custom DM" and type a custom message that your followers will receive when following you. If you put {firstname} the name of the person will be replaced there! you can also put {location} and {lastname}.

Ow automatic twitter message is:
Hi {firstname} thank you for following us on twitter we hope you enjoy ow tweets!Please visit ow blog at

3.once you have entered the message you would like to automatically get sent to new follows you click the "change custom dm"button and then click on the "enable twitter dmer" button.

You have successfully added a automatic message sender that all your new followers will receive.

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