Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to add a picture on twitter.

To make your twitter page more user friendly it is often nice to put up your own picture so that people know what you look like and to make your page look more professional.

1.To add a picture to twitter first login with your account by clicking here and inserting your user name and password on the right.

2.once logged in go to the settings section by clicking settings on the top right side of your twitter page!

3.once in settings click on the"picture"tab and then click browse.

4.A window will appear,in this window browse your documents on your PC and find the picture you would like to show on twitter.Once you have found the picture click "open" and then click the "save button".The picture must not be bigger than 700KB and must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format.If your picture is bigger than 700kb you can resize the picture and make it smaller by using a tool.For more information on how to make a picture smaller click here.

You have now successfully added your own picture to your twitter account! IF you would like to change your twitter picture again just follow re follow these instructions.

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