Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to follow some one on twitter.

Is there some one you would like to follow twitter?There are a lot of sites,blogs,shops,people and celebrities that use twitter to tell people like you and I what they doing or what's new in the world.This is a guide on how to follow some one on twitter.

1.If you do not have an account with twitter you need to make one.If you would like a guide on how to join twitter click here. To log into twitter click here and enter in your user name and password.

2.Now click on "find people" link at the top right of twitter.

3.In the search box enter in the person or site you are looking for.I am going to look for barack obama so I have typed "barack obama".After you have entered the name click "search".

4.A list of twitter account will appear go through the list and find the one you want to follow.When you have found the tweeter you want to follow click on the "follow"button on the right.A tick will appear and it will say "following".

congratulations You are now following some one!If you would like to follow the on-his-mind blog please click here and then click follow under the picture.

For more guide on twitter please click here.

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