Saturday, May 2, 2009

How important it is to make back-ups as soon as you finished your work!

Yesterday I had finally finished a awesome video I had made to promote the city of Johannesburg here in south Africa! After I had completed it I decided I should play some counter strike:source and have some fun and wile I was playing my PC froze.

I tried everything but nothing would work so I resorted to restart my computer only to find that I got the blue screen of DEATH!I got angry and shouted and screamed but got over it in about 0.25 split seconds and got into recovery mode.I slid all my hard drives out of my box and got all 3 of my external hard drive enclosures out of my cupboard to back up all the important data on my HDD.

As mentioned above I found all 3 of my hard drive enclosure but I couldn't find cables..I couldn't find both a power cable nor could I find my beloved USB cable I needed.This made me have to go into my garage and dig through hundreds of thousand cables to finally dig up about 20 different ones that would maybe fit into a enclosure I owned.

After I had finally found the correct cables and all the accessories I needed I plugged in My hard drive into my laptop and was happy to find al my files there(Or so I thought) I ran around the house and jumped up and down and then went back into backup mode.....

I only had to backup 40GB of data(because the HDD was partitioned) but found that all my documents in the documents and settings folder were gone :( I had lost all my important data that I had just worked on.

If I had taken my own advise and used all these services I have mentioned on this blog yesterday I would have been a happy man but I am not so happy today!


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