Monday, May 4, 2009

How to auto follow your followers.

There are a lot of unethical and ethical things you should and shouldn't do if you use twitter! One of the things you should do is follow people who are following you back.This shows the other user that you appreciate their time and you interested in what they do as well.Today we are going to show you how to set up your twitter so it auto follows everyone that follows you.

1.Go to tweetbots by clicking here.Once on the site click the"sign up for free"button and enter in all the correct details.

2.Once logged in click on "bots"which is situated on the top left of the screen.In the bots page click on the"create a new bot"button.

3.Enter in your twitter username and password and select"Yes, turn on the auto-follow bot".Now click "create this bot".

You have now set up a auto following tool so that when some one follows you they will follow you back automatically.

For more great guides on how to do things on twitter go to ow twitter guides by clicking here or if you would like to follow the on his mind blog on twitter go to ow twitter page by clicking here and then clicking "follow".

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