Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to add information on twitter so that your followers know more about you.

It is very important that people on twitter know stuff about you or know what you tweet about.If they do not know basic information on what you twitter about there is not a big chance they will follow you.This is very quick and is very important if you want to get followers.

1.login to twitter by clicking here and typing your user name and password in correctly and pressing the "sign in"button.

2.once logged into twitter click on the settings tab in the top right side of your screen.

3.Enter all the information it asks of you under the account the "One Line Bio" section you must enter what you do or what you will tweet about because this is what shows up on your twitter page and that's what every one reads to find out about what you tweet about.

You have successfully updated your twitter page and now other people on twitter know a little more about you and what you tweet about.

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