Thursday, April 2, 2009

smilebox-Image hosting,Scrapbooking, Free Ecards, Birthday and Greeting Cards all in 1

Smilebox is a photo sharing site that is very different to other sites like flickr and Picasa. Smilebox is a photo hosting site that allows you to quickly and efficiently turn your photos into awesome creations to share with your friends, family or even yourself.

The main point of Smilebox is for you to upload photos and videos and then use the content you uploaded to make very professional animated scrapbooks, photo albums, post cards, slide shows and greeting cards. You do this by easily choosing a readymade template from their huge data base, you then drag and drop your photos and videos into your desired place and you can edit and customize the templates and photos. You can also add your own desired music and text to your creation.

Once you have created and saved your creation you can email it to anyone to view or you can add it to facebook,MySpace and even blog it and print it. Smilebox is a free service but you can also get a monthly paid for service which gives you access to even more editing tools and templates.

To go straight to the Smilebox website please click here


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