Thursday, April 23, 2009

5GB free online storage for anything you want with 4shared.

The on-his-mind team have been working to find the top storage sites on the internet and have come one step closer to finding the top one.

Today we will be telling you about!4shared is a FREE file sharing and storage site which allows you to upload up to 5GB of data to their site.You can the access that information any where in the world with a internet connection or can share it so that others can download your uploaded data.

With 4shared you can upload,access and then share your music, video, photos and documents with a click of the button.For free users you get the following:
• 5 GB storage space(upload up to 5000mb of data)
• Unlimited uploads
• Unlimited downloads(download as many files you want)
• Unlimited free traffic(Share your stuff with as many people as you want)
• 100 MB upload size limit(all files you upload have to be 100MB or less)

4shared also have a premium version which offers more space and well,much more of every thing.Here is what you get if you are a premium member:
• 100 GB storage space(100 gigabytes if space for you to upload anything)
• 100 GB premium traffic
• 2 GB upload size limit(upload files as big as 2000mb each)
• Direct download
• No waiting time, No ads(no waiting time when downloading data)
• Resume broken downloads(If the download stops half way you can start it where it stopped)

4shared charges $9.95 a Month or $77.95 a Year for the premium account but is well worth it if you need the bigger upload size limits and storage space.

another feature that I like a lot about 4shared is that you can login with out having to register...well almost.With 4shared you can login with your google account or even with your openID account,this means you will not have to create an account and then verify your email address and so forth.

I personally use 4shared to backup important documents so that if my hard drive and/or my backups on site go missing or get damaged I am able to quickly and easily retrieve them in no time.

Go directly to by clicking here.

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