Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make money by using google and other search engines.

Billions of searches are done on the internet daily with sites like Google and yahoo who make billions of dollars every year from you for just searching. But now you can make money for searching too. There are now sites that use search engines like yahoo and Google but then give you a percentage of the commission they make for the search.

This is a guide on how to make money by searching the internet just like you do every day. We will go through a few of the top search sites that pay you to search through them!

homepage friends

The first site we going to start off with is homepage friends.This site uses yahoo as its search engine and gives you 50% of the money it makes from your searches. With myhpf you can also invite your friends,by doing this you get a percentage of the 50% of the money myhpf keeps.

I have personally used myhpf before and have over 2000 searches on it and I can safely say that they do pay your money out.

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stick around for other sites that you can make money with by simply searching the internet.

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