Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The best FPS online FPS of all time-Team Fortress 2

Welcome to the Final instalment on the top 5 online games of all time! We counted down from the 5th best FPS online game down and now we are finally here at number 1.The on-his-mind team worked long and hard playing games and finding out what the world thought was the best online FPS of all time and we are finally going to reveal it in this last and final post of the “Top 5 online FPS games of all time”

1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 also known as TF2 for short is the “on-his-mind” top FPS game of all time. TF2 Is an online team based FPS game made by Valve Corporation. The game is a sequel to the half life mod called team fortress classic. TF2was first released in October 2007 with the orange box which featured 5 games including TF2.Team fortress 2 can also be bought through steam which is A online store where you by legal games and download them straight off the internet.

In the game you get two teams namely the red and blue team, these two teams compete against each other to finish specific tasks. The player can choose to be one of the nine classes. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Team Fortress 2 toke nine years for valve to complete, this was because they worked hard on making sure the classes were even and that there was no class that was better than the other. This was very important for Valve to do because on most online games there is a weapon or class that is more powerful than the other.A few examples of this is the AWP on counter strike source the rocket launcher on half life 2: deathmatch as well as Quake 3.Because the classes on TF2 are so even you get a even amount of people playing classes making the team play even more important.

TF2 has proven that if a team does not work together they will fail but if they do they will succeed. If you are looking for a game that is very team orientated then this is the game for you.TF2 is the most competitive online game of all time because of valve brilliant map architecture and design as well as their 9 even and useful classes.

TF2 is the number one game any FPS enthusiast should buy and try!
For more info on this amazing game go to their wiki page at

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