Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flickr-Photo Sharing and social networking all in one!

Flickr is an online photo/image hosting and sharing site combined with social networking features like commenting on other peoples work as well as “favorite” their work and give it a rating. Flickr is the world’s most popular photo-sharing site with images being added every second of every day.

In February 2004 flickr was launched by Ludicorp which was a company based in Vancouver,Canada.Aglthough the site is mainly for personal photos and is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository. At the end of the year 2008 flickr had more than 3 billion images in their data base.

Flickr was a proposed multi-user game that was never released because of its huge take off as an image website. The first thing the Flickr website had was a chat room called flickrLive. flickrLive was a place where people could share and exchange their images with others. Flickr was mainly only a forum where members would post pictures they had found on the web however rapidly the site evolved into A site where users would rather show off their personal images.

In 2005 Ludicorp was bought out by yahoo and they became the proud new owners of the flickr Brand and site. Still today flickr is growing at an alarming rate and is getting bigger and more popular. Because of this sites social networking infrastructure which combines photos with it, this site is on the on-his-mind best sites online list.

If you are a photographer or you do anything cool with images or other artwork you should be on flickr. To go to flickr go to

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