Friday, April 3, 2009

Picasa web album-Free Online photo sharing and hosting

A Picasa web album is free online photo storage and sharing site that is run by Google.

Picasa web album is just like flickr,you can backup your pictures online and share them with the world. You get up to 1024 MB free photo and image space on the Google owned site, once you reach the limit you will not be able to upload any more pictures but you can buy more photo space at a very cheap price.

Picasa web album has one of the cheapest paid for photo sharing services on the internet today. Here are the standard prices:
10 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
40 GB ($75.00 USD per year)
150 GB ($250.00 USD per year)
400 GB ($500.00 USD per year)

If you have a Google account you do not have to go through all the trouble of having to register and verify mail, instead all you do is insert your user name and password and you in. Picasa also provides a service that the other online photo sharing sites don’t, a photo editing and uploading tool for your pc or Mac all for free. This program is called Picasa and Google recently released version 3.

Picasa web alum is my preferred photo sharing site with hundreds of my pictures shard and backed up on the service. All the pictures on this blog are also hosted on the picasa web albums site. To go directly to Picasa web albums please click here.

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