Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mozy-The Best Way To Back Up Your PC.

On the on-his-mind low we have gone through a number of online storage backup systems and what features they have and so forth and so far we here at on-his-mind have not seen something as good as mozy.

Mozy is a simple,safe and easy way to back up all your files and folders on your computer.All your information is stored on a remote server that is very secure so that if you lose your important data you are able to retrieve it quickly and easily with no worries.

Mozy is by far the cheapest storage host around for what you receive.With mozy you get unlimited file hosting for only $4.99 a month.In my opinion this is a great price and it is no wonder why mozy is one of the most popular backup and file hosting sites around today.

You might be asking yourself"why would I need unlimited file hosting?I only need 1gb to back up what's really important to me!" and if you are then mozy is still for you because mozy also offers a FREE account with up to 2gb free.

For more information on mozy or to start using them visit their site by clicking here.

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