Monday, July 6, 2009

Send free SMSs or text messages to any network in South Africa from your PC.

You can send free text messages to any south african cellphone for free.Wether you want to send messages to MTN,vodacom or cellC this is the easiest,quickest and cheapest ways to send SMSs from your PC.

To send free SMSs to any South African phone do the following.
1.Go to by clicking here.
2.register on blueworld by entering all the details it asks you to.
3.once registered login to blueworld and then go to the group page or click here to go to the group page.Once on the group page follow at least 2 groups!You need to follow at least 2 groups to be able to send free text messages.
4.Now click here to go to a user list.Now invite some random people.I would recommend randomly inviting 15 people from this list.The reason you need to add people is because you need to have at least 1 friend to be able to send free SMSs from blueworld.
5.Wait a day or 2 until some one has accepted your friend request. here and login to blueworld.
7.Enter the phone number and message then click send SMS.

You have successfully set up and sent a free SMS from your PC.You can send as many SMSs as you want for free thanks to blueworld!

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