Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to setup Read Receipt in outlook.

For a number of people knowing whether an important email has arrived and been read is very important.Today I am going to show you how to configure Outlook so that you can receive delivery reports also known as Read receipts.

How to configure read receipts for only one mail.
If you would like to add a read receipt to only one mail then you can do the following.

1.Create a new mail message like you would normally do.Before compiling the email click Options and then tick the un-ticked box in the tracking toolbar that says"Request a delivery receipt"

2.You can now compile your email and you will receive a read receipt for that email only.

How to configure read receipts for all your emails.

If you would like to add a read receipt for every email you send do the following:
1.In outlook go to Tools then options.

2.In the preference tab Under the heading email click on the "E-mail options"Button.

3.A new box will appear,now click the "tracking options" button.
4.In tracking options tick the box that says"Read receipt"and then click OK then OK again and finally apply.

You have successfully set up read receipts for every email.


  1. can i set up a specific contact for read receipt for every email sent to them?

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  3. why i am not getting any read receipt eventhough I know that the email was read cause I sent one "test" mail?...Whats wrong with the configuration? Thanks for your answer