Friday, July 24, 2009

How to set up your privacy settings on facebook so that your pictures and info doesn't appear on adverts.

One of the biggest problems with facebook at this present time is that they allowing their advertisers to use YOUR facebook pictures and other information on the adverts on facebook.This has become a big problem and a lot of users are outraged about it.

Thankfully there is a way to stop facebook from allowing them and their advertisers from using your information and pictures.I am going to show you exactly step by step on how to set your privacy settings so that a friend or even some one you don't know never sees your face on a advert again.

1.login to facebook,once logged in click on settings in the top right hand side of facebook then click privacy settings.

2.Now click on "News Feed and Wall"

3.Now click on the tab that says"facebook ads"

Now in the box next to"Appearance in Facebook Ads" click "no one" and then Save changes.

You have successfully set up facebook so that you do not appear in any of the adverts on the site.

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