Monday, July 6, 2009

How safe are you really on facebook-How a friends boy friend started a war online!

With the internet whether you are using forums,blogs,social networking or instant messaging you are going to talk to some rude and self proud people.I myself have had to put up with a few people who don't know what they talking about.

I must warn you that this is more a story and actually doesn't have that much to do with technology,gadgets and the internet.

Facebook as brought so many normally people to the internet on a daily basis to talk,share photos and so much more.Facebook has really showed the none geeks what the internet is all about and how fun it can be.Unfortunately when people mix troubles start due to online clashes and other problems.

A few months ago a good friend of mine started dating a guy who according to her was just amazing.A few weeks latter a few of my friends went to this girls birthday party which was being hosted at her house.My mates and I had got there a bit to early,in fact we were the first to arrive so we sat out side talking.She was so exited about her new boy friend and how cool he is and we were happy for her but then he arrived.

As this new biy friend walked into the door my freind said"I know that guy"I asked him where from and he said he had seen him around at the local shopping centre and that he commented on a photo of me on facebook.My friend did not seem very happy about this so I proceed to ask him what this guy had said.According to my friend this boy friend latter identified as Dane said that my friend looked like a gay or something along those lines.When my friend confronted him over facebook Dane was suddenly all sorry and apologies saying he didn't know it was him.

I didn't think much of this whole situation and Dane seemed like a nice guy however a few days latter I found out otherwise!I logged into facebook only to find that Dane had accessed all my pictures,status updates and comments vie my friends profile!That's right this Dane fellow went onto my friends facebook account and went through all my personal pictures,comments,status updates and just spammed everything!

Dane had gone through all my stuff commenting childish remarks and ridiculing pictures with myself in them.I was shocked,I don't want random"freaks"going through my information and doing what they please.I immediately deleted my friend off my account and SMSed her explaining why I had done so,She couldn't understand what was wrong with him going through my stuff on her account.

In other words,if you think you safe from these ignorant fools you wrong.There is always going to be a friend who will leave their facebook on or who will let their friends and family use the account and then things will go horrible wrong.

Even when you comment on a photo you are allowing others to see that and start up a argument,I call this the "I was first like" effect because when this happens to me I do the following,I type "I was first like 0_o and then I was like :D" and then never comment again...this turns the person trying to argue into a potato,he or she doesn't know what to say and when she or he does its to late!yes soon it will stop working and I wont be able not to comment but hey for now I was first like 0_o and then I was like :D.

I just felt like sharing this story with you.Its nothing big but it could become a big problem if something isn't done!

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