Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chat with friends that are using different IMs

Have you ever wondered How to chat on MSN,Yahoo,Google talk and AIM all at once on your browser? If yes then its your lucky day,if not you have ran into a awesome site that you should start using!

We all know that instant messaging is a powerful online tool that allows you to communicate in real-time with people you know, this is often done through an instant messaging application or a site!

The problem with instant messaging is that you often need to have multiple applications running on your computer to be able to chat with different people who use different instant messaging services

(for example: I use MSN but my best friend only uses AIM, for me to be able to chat to my friend I will have to create an AIM account and then download the instant messaging application that AIM uses. If I want to chat to my best friend on AIM while using MSN to chat with my MSN buddies I will ultimately have to run two applications)

Thanks to a site called Meebo ( you no longer have to download multiple IM clients to talk to friends and family through different instant messaging services. Meebo allows you to connect to all the major Instant messaging system (AIM,yahoo!,google talk and MSN)through their site. This makes talking to people who use different IMs easier as your the entire contacts whether they using Yahoo! Or Google talk will all be in your contact list.

Another nice thing about beebo is that you will be able to access your instant messaging anywhere that provides you with a computer and an internet connection even if they don’t have the applications installed.

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