Monday, September 28, 2009

What a status update is and how to update your status on Facebook Lite.

A Status update is a short message that you type on facebook that all your facebook Friends will see on their home page of the site.You can write anything you want in your status but it is recommended you keep it interesting and informative.Generally people use the status update feature on facebook to tell their friends and family how they feeling or what they doing.The status update is one of the best ways of keeping your friends up to date with what you are doing or how you are feeling.

It is recommended to keep your status updates as short as possible!

To update your status on Facebook lite do the following:

1.Login to facebook lite at

2.Once you logged in your facebook home page will appear.On your home page click on the "write" button situated under the facebook heading.

3.A white box will appear,in this box write your status update you want all your friends to see.Once you have typed your status press enter or click on the "write" button to submit your status.

4.Once you have submitted your status update by clicking "write"or pressing enter your status will appear on both yours and all your friends home page with all the other people who recently updated their status.

you have successfully updated your status on Facebook lite.

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