Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to find and add person on facebook lite.

Facebook is used for one thing and one thing only and that thing is keeping in touch with friends and family.To do this you have to be "friends" with your friends and family who you want to keep in touch with.You can only see what people are saying on facebook if you are friends with them!

To find and invite friends on facebook lite do the following:
1.Login to Facebook lite at lite.facebook.com

2.once logged in,enter ether the persons name you are looking for or their email address into the search box on the top right hand side of the facebook lite site then click search.

3.If you entered the correct details and the person you are looking is on Facebook this person should appear.Most of the time there is more than one person with the same name so you may get a few people showing up.If this is the case look at their pictures until you see the person you are looking for or you can look at their network which is under their name. If the network is ether the school,university or country they live in it is most probable them.

4.When you find the person you are looking for click on their picture or name.The facebook profile of the person you are trying to add will appear,on their profile click "add friend" which is on the right hand side of their profile.

5.The "add friend" button will change and say"Pending request"The person you added must now accepted your friend request,once this is done you will receive a notification on facebook informing you.

You have successfully found and invited a person to become your friend on facebook lite.

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